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Company name : Evermore Applied Materials Corp.
Started : 2009
Established : 2014
Location : Southern Taiwan Science Park ,
Tainan City, Taiwan
Registered Capital : 2014 NTD 5 Million
2019 NTD 30 Million Capital Injection
Managing Director : Luhao Wu

Introduction of Evermore Applied Materials Corp.


Evermore Applied Materials Corp. (EAM) was founded as a research and development lab in 2009 located in Southern Taiwan Science Park. We really started from glass tubes, beakers and talents.
In 2004, after strict assessments by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan, EAM is formally incorporated in Southern Taiwan Science Park, where most of the high-tech manufacturers are located.
EAM is a nanotechnology company offering nano-engineered materials, technical solutions and integrated services to worldwide business partners.
Through continuous research of nano-materials and relevant technology, EAM has developed a series of products for liquid-type and solid-type application. Products cover from composite prepreg, additives, adhesive, to other materials such as elastomer, electrical application as well as some other industrial applications.
EAM is equipped with a cross-functional team and international network to serve our clients.
We believe Performance 4.0. We believe nano-era will bring more efficient technology and better economy.
Nano-engineering technology could transfer performances from bulky Micron era to sleek and smart Nano era.
In Performance 4.0 era, two main things could be observed. By using only marginal materials could significantly improve performance. Second, size of infrastructure could be reduced. Even without major change for the current production process, sunk cost is minimized compared to the previous eras. Better and smarter. We call it Performance 4.0 era.
Our mission is to assist our partners in gaining benefits brought by our Performance 4.0 materials.

Quality Service for every Customer.

EVM is able to offer quality service for customers in various aspects with an experienced staff to promote numerous chemicals/equipment products successfully in the market. A multi-lingual staff (i.e., Mandarin, English, Japanese, and Thai, etc), enhances the diversity of this organization to operate globally and meet today’s market needs.

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