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Element for Smart Power

In electrical application, conductivity is one of critical performance. In addition to conductivity, in certain conditions, life cycle of product, safety of during usage, efficiency improvement , and economy of product are all important factors. EAM research team is dedicated for developing latest product for final product performance.

For capacitors and battery, our Linite series of product could ensure product has excellent cycle life and with good capacity.

For Electrolyte, our AD/ AN series is designed for removing sensitive moisture in electrolyte. Moisture inside electrolyte is welcome factor for battery reliability.AD / AN series could prevent such unwanted situation.


For solar panel, to increase light transmittance into solar cell could enhance conversion efficiency of solar panel. EAM’s Zixel could coated on the solar panel glass to maximize electricity generation efficiency.

Via nano-chemistry technology, Arovex and Aroply could bring the advantage of carbon fiber performance even further.

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