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Maximum Range   Maximum Payload

In the marine industry, people put a more powerful engine when faster speed is needed. Using more materials when a tougher structure is demanded, and using a larger fuel tank when a longer cruising range is required. What if we want to combine some of these, such as the performance of a longer cruising range and lighter weight?

Arovex® 120 could be used for several areas in vessels. Arovex® is designed for 120°C curing temperature. For higher tensile strength and impact resistant area, Arovex® 120 could be an excellent option to meet the requirement.

Arovex® offers wider selections for vessel design; for instance, a longer cruising range, higher speed, and more loading.

Aroply® is adhesive film that offers quick application for production. Aroply® could even improve mechanical strength.

Arovex® has been used in a long-range carbon fiber patrol vessel. Compared to the conventional method, Arovex® has enabled 300% increase in cruising range.
Arovex® has also been used for the unmanned patrol boat. Thanks to weight saving by using Arovex®, vessel could accommodate more sophisticated electronics and fuel. You could visit www.zycraft.com to review actual marine practice from Arovex®.
Via nano-chemistry technology, Arovex and Aroply could bring the advantage of carbon fiber performanceeven further.

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