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Nano partner for elastomer performance 4.0

Enhanced Elastomer

Lighter, Stronger, Tougher.

ZNTE has the specialty products for elastomer application. With the proprietary dispersion technology which Evermore Applied Materials owns, ZNTE contains the specially treated Nano-materials, which enhances of the product performance.


ZNT-E can be applicable to various rubber categories, such as Styrene-Butadiene Rubber, Butadiene Rubber, Natural Rubber, and many others. ZNT-E enhances the thermal conductivity, which is helpful to improve the life cycle of products. ZNT-E presents a great outcome regarding the abrasion resistance and tensile strength even with a very small amount of dosage.

Not only the product performance is enhanced, but also the product weight is improved. The product weight can be reduced by using ZNT-E compared with the traditional material of micron grade.


Besides elastomers, ZNT-E also has products suitable for Sulphur and peroxide curing systems.

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