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Less weight    More Choices

Automotive industry is facing several challenges as consumers require better quality every year. Due to resource constraints, to develop vehicles with less energy consumption vehicle becomes a key target to reach sustainability. C.A.S.E is also advocated as the latest development needs for automotive manufacturers.

Sustainability : Zymer® could be used in elastomer formulation. Reduce tire rolling resistance for the tires of passenger car or truck & bus.
Connectivity: Zixel® is an additive to increase better visual effect for related optical requirement like enhancing reflection index in the display.
Automation: Arovex® could be used for CFRP components to improve impact resistance. Arovex® could reduce the weight required.
Electrics: Linite® is designed for Lithium battery for better life cycle and output. Linite® could reduce battery replacement cost and improve range performance of EV.
Via nano-engineered materials, we expect to provide multidimensional solutions for automotive manufacturers. New generation car will be Performance 4.0 car. Will be smarter and better!
Via nano-chemistry technology, Arovex and Aroply could bring the advantage of carbon fiber performanceeven further.

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