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Less weight    More Choices

Evermore's products can provide many solutions to improving your automotive performance.


Arovex could be used for car body like hood to improve impact resistance. It could be used to further reduce weight like for advanced application like flying car.

Linite could be used in EV battery for better life cycle. It could reduce battery replacement cost and improve cost performance of EV.

ZNT-E : ZNT-E is developed for elastomer application including tire and other rubber application. could be used for tire to improve tracking performance.

ZNT-Fuse: ZNT-Fuse could be used for composite adhesion. It’s particular for Epoxy adhesive purpose. ZNT-Fuse is provide by cartridge for easy application.

Epovex: Epovex could be used for quick repairing. With the use of nano-chemistry technology, Evermore Applied Materials’ product Epovex could provide to quick and effective repair to carbon fiber structure. Such bonding could enable stronger adhesion and provide tougher and more durable result.

Via nano-chemistry technology, Arovex and Aroply could bring the advantage of carbon fiber performance even further.

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