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Toughened film for composite


Next Generation Film Adhesive.

Aroply® series has 120, 180, and RFI 180. Aroply® 120 and 180 are the family of epoxy structural film adhesives reinforced with nanotechnology to optimize mechanical properties with nanomaterials. Evermore Applied Materials developed molecular dispersion technology that ensures nanomaterial is evenly distributed throughout the adhesive for additional toughness and enhanced mechanical properties. The nanomaterial is able to create a tight interaction between substrate surfaces and the epoxy film adhesive, and brings greater strength to the adhesive capacity.


The thermosetting, versatile, easy handling Aroply® 120 and 180 film adhesive characteristics are designated by exceptionally high shear and peel strengths on a variety of substrates. Aroply® film adhesives are designed for both solid panel and honeycomb sandwich constructions, and pairs well with Arovex® prepreg.

Aroply® is available in different film weights. The thermosetting modified epoxy adhesives are able to be applied in various industrial markets to provide a reliable, long-term bond for different substrates. Aroply® can deliver significant advantages in high fracture toughness, shear, and peel strength for your products.

Aroply Product List

Product Resin Type Cure Temperature Strength
Aroply 250 Epoxy 180ºF – 280ºF82ºC – 138ºC Exceptionally High
Aroply 350 Epoxy 350ºF177ºC Exceptionally High

Aroply RFI: Resin Film Infusion

Aroply® FRI 180 is for resin film infusion application. It could be used in batch application and roll-to-roll process too. Aroply® RFI 180 could improve cost efficiency. Aroply® FRI 180 also uses nano-dispersion technology to enhance the product performance.

Aroply RFI Product List

Product Resin Type Cure Temperature Strength
Aroply RFI Epoxy 350ºF177ºC Exceptionally High

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