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Improve Lithium battery life cycle and capacity


EVM is our in-house developed state-of-the-art dispersion technology. Most noticeably used for the manufacturing of Linite, a multi-dimensional Nano-carbon additive which features excellent thermal conduction, electricity efficiency, heat resistance, strength and flexibility. In addition, with its ultra-low loading, the forming matrix could greatly improve interface between different materials.

In electrical applications, Linite series could be used for several areas with improved results accordingly. Evermore Applied Materials has a dedicated team for technical service and field service.

Lithium ion battery

  • High cyclic stability
  • High rate capability
  • Low resistance

Super capacitor

  • High rate capability
  • Low resistance

Fuel cells

  • Low catalyst loading level
  • Lower polarization

SI ANode

By adding Linite 203H & 503H to the Si anode, the nano-materials are able to connect the Si particles and adjust to stress changes during the charge/discharge process, resulting in increased cyclic stability.


In cathode, Linite 203N, 203H, and 503H are able to decrease the resistance of electrode, resulting in increased rate capability.


In anode, Linite 203N, 203H, and 503H are able to decrease internal resistance of the battery during the cycling process.


SiO Anode is known for its high capacity, but its low cycle life confines its commercial value. Our Linite could have a significant improvement of cycle life. This could really unfold real value from SiO anode.

Linite improves Cycle test in SiO Anode up to 60%.

Linite could efficiently solve the key problems of high-energy density batteries. Linite is able to promote commercialization of high value Lithium ion battery for the customers.

Linite improves Rate in LFP coin cell test.

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