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Epoxy prepreg enhanced by nano technology


Next Generation prepreg.

Lighter, Stronger, Tougher.

Arovex® prepreg is a fiber composite system reinforced with our nanotechnology to optimize mechanical and electrical properties with nanomaterials. Evermore Applied Materials’s molecular chemistry technology allows nanomaterials to be evenly dispersed into a resin system. Our nanotechnology is able to create a strong bonding between fibers and the epoxy resin, allowing to transfer energy more efficiently through the resin to the fibers and to create a much longer path to fracture failure. Hence, these enhancements result in greater fatigue resistance, higher strength and improved durability.


Our Arovex family of composites offer significantly greater mechanical properties (see table below), especially tensile strength, (2076.20 Mpa) allowing products to be stronger and lighter than previously designed. The XGM (explosive gage middle) failure mode of Arovex specimens indicates that our nanotechnology provides excellent interaction between fibers and resin to enhance mechanical performances.

Arovex is available on different fabrics, including most commercially available fiber reinforcements. Arovex is able to be applied in the aerospace, automotive, sports, marine, and industrial markets for the highest levels of performance. We believe that Arovex can deliver significant advantage in toughness, strength, and weight reduction performances for your products.

Arovex® Product List

Product Resin Type Cure Temperature Strength
Arovex 180 Epoxy 180ºF82ºC Very High
Arovex 250 Epoxy 180ºF – 280ºF82ºC – 138ºC Very High
Arovex 350 Epoxy 350ºF177ºC Very High

Arovex® SC

Arovex SC is a second-generation Arovex material designed to build on the broad mechanical property advantages of the first generation of Arovex. Arovex SC was designed for customers of any industry with products that can’t afford to fail, featuring 200-300% improved fracture toughness compared to traditional reinforced composite materials.

Arovex® SC Product List

Product Resin Type Cure Temperature Strength
Arovex SC 250 Epoxy 350ºF177ºC Extremely High

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