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Pioneering the development of commercially available nano-engineered materials beginning in 2005, we’ve continued to introduce innovative new materials and products to customers in aerospace, automotive, electrical, industrial, marine and sporting equipment industries.


Light and tough material in the air.

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For your extreme performance.

For a world people constantly look for faster, farther, and higher characteristics, Arovex could help our dream push further. For triathlon, our Arovex could be used for bike frame. For even few hundred grams counts, Arovex could improve weight reduction. For downhill mountain bike racing, Arovex could be used for wheels to significantly reduce the numbers of wheel replacement because of its high impact resistance. For baseball, Arovex could be used for bat. To reduce energy loss from oscillation, Arovex is a good option for golf shaft because of its stiffer property.

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Improved cruising payload capability.

In the marine industry, people put a more powerful engine when faster speed is needed, use more materials when a tougher structure is demanded, and use a larger fuel tank when a longer cruising range is required. What if we want to combine some of these, such as the performance of a longer cruising range and lighter weight?

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Multi-contributors for vehicles.

Evermore Applied Materials has several products for automotive application: Arovex, Linite, ZNT-E, ZNT-Fuse, Epovex. Arovex could be used for the car body, such as the hood, to improve impact resistance. It could be used to further reduce weight for an advanced application, for example, a flying car. Linite could be used in EV battery for better life cycle, reducing battery replacement cost and improving cost performance of EV. ZNT-E is developed for elastomer application including tire and other rubber applications. It could be used for tires to improve tracking performance. ZNT-Fuse could be used for composite adhesion. It’s particular for Epoxy adhesive purpose. ZNT-Fuse is provided by cartridge for easy application. Epovex could be used for quick repairs. With the use of nanotechnology, Evermore Applied Materials’ Epovex could provide quick and effective repairs to carbon fiber structures. Such bonding enables a stronger adhesion and provides a tougher and more durable result.

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Essential materials for EV.

In electrical application, Linite series could be used for several areas with improved result accordingly. Evermore Applied Materials has a dedicated team for technical service and field service.

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