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Pioneering the development of commercially available nano-engineered materials beginning in 2005, we’ve continued to introduce innovative new materials and products to customers in aerospace, automotive, electrical, industrial, marine and sporting equipment industries.


The next generation prepreg.

Arovex® is a next generation prepreg reinforced with carbon nanotubes and graphene. Zyvex developed molecular chemistry that allows nanomaterials to be evenly dispersed into a resin system, called Kentera, to deliver tougher composites. Arovex is used in the aerospace, automotive, sports, marine, and industrial markets for the highest levels of performance.

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Tough and easy film.

Aroply™ is a versatile, heat curing carbon-nanotube modified epoxy structural film adhesive available in a variety of film weights on a supported knitted nylon carrier. Aroply film adhesive pairs well with Arovex® prepreg as well as other high performance prepregs.

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Enhanced battery cycle life and capability.

Linite series is Evermore Applied Materials’s liquid type products. Linite is a multi-dimensional nanomaterials developed by Evermore Applied Materials’s propriety nano-dispersion technology. It features excellent properties of conduction, efficiency, strength and flexibility. Our technology could ensure a maximum loading of nano-materials to reach upmost performance. Compared to the conventional method, Linite could unfold the original distinct characteristic of nanomaterials and contribute to matrix system performance.

Linite series are available for following systems:

  • 1. Water-based products.
  • 2. Solvent-based products (i.e. NMP, MEK, IPA..etc )

Potential Application:

  • 1. Lithium ion battery
  • 2. Super capacitor
  • 3. Paint, Ink and Coatings
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The next generation adhesive.

ZNT-fuse® is a two-part epoxy adhesive thixotropic paste for composites reinforced with nanotechnology to optimize mechanical properties with nanomaterials. Evermore Applied Materials’ nanotechnology successfully incorporates nanomaterial into ZNT-fuse® to take advantage of their outstanding properties, leading to performance increases. Used for bonding or filling applications, ZNT-fuse® is designed for many metals, woods, masonry products, and some plastics and rubbers. ZNT-fuse® was also designed to bond Arovex® composites. With a bonding strength stronger than welding, ZNT-fuse® can deliver significant advantages in high bonding, shear, peel strength, and very high levels of durability allowing our customers to rapidly repair and maintain their products.

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Nano-partners for elastomer performance 4.0.

ZNT-E has the specialty products for elastomer application. With the proprietary dispersion technology which Evermore Applied Materials owns, ZNT-E contains the specially treated nanomaterials to enhance the product performance.

ZNT-E can be applicable to various rubber categories, such as Styrene-Butadiene Rubber, Butadiene Rubber, Natural Rubber, and many others. ZNT-E enhances the thermal conductivity, which is helpful to improve the life cycle of products. ZNT-E presents a great outcome regarding the abrasion resistance and tensile strength even with a very small amount of dosage. Not only the product performance is enhanced, but also the product weight is improved. The product weight can be reduced by using ZNT-E compared with the traditional material of micron grade. In addition to elastomers, ZNT-E also has products suitable for Sulphur and peroxide curing systems.

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